Cyrus Tabrizi is a sophomore at Carnegie Mellon University studying Electrical and Computer Engineering. He is responsible for designing the site, and occasionally contributes tech articles. Read more here.
Kayvon Tabrizi cofounded Kayrus with his brother in 2010. He is responsible for developing the site, and occasionally contributes music and blog posts. Kayvon is a freshman chemical and biomolecular engineering student at Johns Hopkins University who dreams of becoming a surgeon. He is also passionate about music and computer science, having taught himself two instruments and half-a-dozen programming languages over the past half-a-decade. His primary languages include ActionScript, PHP, and Python, although he has significant experience with Javascript, jQuery, HTML/CSS, and MySQL. Among other things, Kayvon enjoys morning runs and evening bike rides, sushi-making, musical performances, reading, and learning in general. Read more here.