12 Wheeled Truck

     This is a remote controlled truck I built for the Lego Technic Challenge. With 12 wheels, this truck was built for the June 2010 competition, "Wheels." The rear 8 wheels are powered by one Xl motor with each of the two differentials connected to 4 of the 8 wheels. This motor drives the truck at a 1:1 ratio, providing it with a good combination of speed and torque. An M motor in the front of the truck provides steering to the front four tires. The frontmost axle is driven 5:3 and the second axle is 1:1. With the M motor for steering, it is often hard to steer the truck without causing any damage, especially without a clutch gear. Even with a speed controller, the lack of a return-to-center spring to keep the steering aligned, the M motor's speed, and the consequent gearing do not provide the ideal setup for remotely controlling the truck. The model also features a fake V4 engine powered by the XL motor and there are working headlights in the front.

More pictures can be found on Flickr.
12 Wheeler