Arduino Meets Lego: The Ultimate DIY Robotics Project

Cyrus Tabrizi, 8/29/13
Step 2: A little redirecting..

      Once you have a design done with pencil and paper, it’s time for you to turn it into a reality: If you’re not planning to use a laser cutter to cut out your parts (or a 3D printer to print them), the following few sections may not be as useful to you (you’ll want to stick around though for the RC car and the wiring and programming of everything) because the following is about using Inventor to model your design. If you plan to make my remote exactly as I have, then the following is also not necessary (although it may be useful here and in the future). Skip ahead to where I discuss the use of the laser cutter. (NOTE: I don't have a laser-cutter, but if I had one, my project output would increase ten-fold and it would enable many of my shelved projects to come alive once again)