Tow Truck: 12 Pounds of Lego Technic

Cyrus Tabrizi, 7/10/12
Tow Truck (1)

      The Tow Truck is my largest and most complex creation up to date. It features remotely-controlled all-wheel drive, all-wheel steering, adjustable suspension, pneumatic stabilizers, four-function rotating crane, motorized tow lift, and a working tow arm. All in all, it has 14 RC functions (even though the Power Functions system only handles 8) and weighs a total of around 12.2 pounds – roughly 80% of all my parts combined!! Physical construction began during the last week of 2010 (planning and thought was put in the three months leading up to winter break, and was finished sometime in June of 2011 (Although it took half a year from start to finish, most of the technical portions were finished in the first two months of its construction). Upon its completion, it was entered into the Lego Technic Challenge "Build a Cool and Tough Crane" (Theme for June, 2011). It was one of the ten entries that were picked by Lego's judges to enter the public round of voting but it did not make it past this round.